• "Do good things for others and people may accuse you of selfish motives. Do good anyway."

    Mother Theresa

  • "None of us is as smart as all of us."

    Ken Blanchard

  • "The first and most important thing about goals is having one."

    Geoffrey Abert

  • "Integrity is what we do, what we say, and what we say we do."

    Don Gaher

  • "If you dream it you can do it."

    Walt Disney

  • "To make a living is no longer enough. Work also has to make a life."

    Peter Drucker

Web Resources

www.IRS.gov - United States Internal Revenue Service

http://www.revenue.wi.gov/ - Wisconsin Department of Revenue

http://www.ssa.gov/ - Social Security

http://www.medicare.gov/default.aspx - Medicare

http://www.stratagee.com/ - Stratagee Calculators

http://finance.yahoo.com/calculator/index/ - Yahoo Calculators

http://www.dinkytown.net/ - Dinkytown Calculators

http://www.finaid.org/ - FinAid College Planning Resource

www.valic.com - Affinity Medical 403(b)

www.wellsfargo.com/retirementplan - Ameriprise 401(k)

www.schwab.com - Ameriprise Self Directed 401(k)

www.vanguard.com - Appleton Coated 401(k)

www.principal.com - Appleton Papers Inc. ESOP

www.associatedbank.com - Associated Bank 401(k)

www.retireonline.com - Bemis 401(k)

www.nrsservicecenter.com - City of Appleton 457

www.schwab.com/public/workplace/get_started - Humana 401(k)

www.schwab.com - Humana Self Directed 401(k)

www.itwemployee.com - ITW Employee Benefits

www.resources.hewitt.com/kcc - Kimberly Clark My Benefits

www.hewittfs.com/home.htm - Kimberly Clark Self Directed 401(k)

www.tiaa-cref.org/public/index.html - Lawrence University 403(b)

401k.fidelity.com - Oshkosh Truck / Pierce Manufacturing 401(k)

resources.hewitt.com/rrd - RR Donnelley Benefits 401(k)

https://401k.fidelity.com - Ryder 401(k)

resources.hewitt.com/saralee - Sara Lee 401(k)

www.wellsfargo.com/retirementplan - Schneider National 401(k)

www.resources.hewitt.com/sunchemical - SunChemical 401(k)

www.divinvest.com - ThedaCare 403(b)

carenet.fnfismd.com/usbank/ACCLogin.jsp - US Bank Employee Benefits

www.wellsfargo.com/retirementplan - US Venture 401(k)

wwwcd.bcomplete.com/ - Voith 401(k)

wea.omniasp.com - WEA 403(b)

401k.fidelity.com - WE Energies 401(k)

http://etfonline.wi.gov/ETFCalculatorWeb/etf/internet/member/ETFretirementcalcinput.jsp - WRS Benefit Calculator

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